Academic Project
A. Brochard (student, Master of Mathematics) and P. Rolland (Computer Science Teacher)
ICES, 1998

Be patient! about 80 Ko must be loaded... / Read carefully the tutorial page for fft manipulations!

Tips & Tricks

- Click on the title bars for navigate through images.
- Click on the red square of title bar for move image to the right.

Bugs & Limitations:

- You can select a precedent image only for see it, not for remake a filter (I've got some problems of flushing and cache...).
- Only one FFT image are allowed (don't select an precedent FFT image for re-working on it).
- Only 20 images can be showed.
- Maximum Image Size is 500*400.


See ChangeLog.


See README. Sources will be delivred after contact authors.

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