Rolland Philippe [MPG5]
CEO & Founder SELFadvert Technology, SELFadvert, Hyperyon
PhD & Ingeneer in Computer Sciences & Discrete Mathematics


Artistic Collaboration [2017-2019]

Pratical Computer Sciences [2019]

Theorical Computer Science: Maximal Planar Graphs construction

Theorical Computer Science: Graphs coloration

  • DSATUR (Brelaz, 1979): Algorithm
  • DSATUR (Brelaz, 1979): php [02-06]
  • DSATUR (Brelaz, 1979): C and tutorials [98-06]

Contacts [GnuPG PublicKey] prolland56000 at gmail dot com
Resume/CV: AboutMe | Linkedin | Viadeo | pdf
Personnal W3:
"People suffer from one disease : ignorance. There is one cure to this illness : instruction. The point is not to take this cure by homeopathic doses: we have to take it by whole buckets, and by barrels of forty buckets. Dmitri Pissarev.
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